This “Dorm-Room Startup” Is Changing The Way People Choose Service Their Car


One Invention Is Changing The Way People Think About Auto Repairs – And Mechanics Aren’t Happy About It!

We’ve all probably felt like we’ve been taken advantage at the mechanic at some point.

It’s hard to know if what you’re being told needs fixing is fact or fiction. Step into an auto repair shop for an oil change, and you’re told you need a new transmission. Or when the mysterious “check engine” light comes on, expect a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing.

Well, three Georgia Tech grads were tired of seeing friends and family dealing with the same issues and getting ripped off because they didn’t have better choices.

Most people really only have two options…

Try it out for yourself!

It’s either watch their friends and family take their car to the mechanic and risk getting ripped off.


Do what a lot of people do - ignore the check engine light and risk turning what could actually be an affordable fix into a costly repair.

Either option isn’t great.

It truly is a damned if you do - damned if you don’t, choice.

Think about it, you can stand there feeling helpless while the mechanic takes advantage of you - how would you know?

Or feel anxious and worried every time you turn your car on and have that awful check engine light stare you in the face.

But these 3 college grads knew there loved ones didn’t have a better choice.

So that’s when they took matters into their own hands and decided to give control back to their friends and family - and anyone else who drives a vehicle!

FIXD is an incredible device that translates the problems with your car and displays the answers in plain English right on your smartphone.

It’ll tell you EXACTLY why your check engine light is on, if the issue is an emergency, and how much you can expect to pay for it...but that’s not all.

It works on multiple vehicles (only one required per household) AND it can diagnose all the other lights that pop up on your you won’t need a device for every issue.

And the best part is all you have to know about cars to use it is how to push a button.

Don’t want to read this whole article?

We wrote this to inform people like you about this product, but if you're ready to stop ignoring your check engine light, you can click the button below to see special offers and buy NOW!

It's easy and simple

FIXD has turned into a market disruptor and a globally demanded item.

More than 1,200,000 units have been sold all around the world. It’s been seen on FOX News, USA Today, MASAHBLE, and Business Insider. It’s even been called the “Mechanic in Your Pocket.”

The FIXD sensor that's so small it easily will fit inside the glove compartment or center console of any car (yes, even those new tiny ones)

Directions to help you find and install the app from whichever app store your phone uses (all you need to remember is your iCloud password)

A point-and-click interface that's so easy a three year old can use it (seriously, just press GO)

An entire list of all of the reasons your check engine light is on (so you'll know if it's an easy fix or a bigger issue)

A detailed breakdown (in PLAIN ENGLISH) of what each issue is and IF it's an emergency (so you won't waste a trip across town for an unscrewed gas cap)

An estimate range of how much it should cost to repair the issue (to make sure you don't get overcharged)

Maintenance reminders to help you remember to take your car in (so you can avoid check engine lights in the future)

The ability to use your FIXD adapter on multiple vehicles (so you don't have to buy one for each car)

Works on any gas powered vehicle made after 1996 (so you don't have to ask the "Does it work on my vehicle" question)

Works on any diesel vehicle made after 2008 (so it even works on your dualie)

It turns off the light if it's a minor issue (so you don't have to drive around with it annoying you forever)

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